Cedar Valley AA COVID-19 Blog Post

Welcome to the Cedar Valley AA Coronavirus blog: A live feed where information can be updated immediately by AA members located in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and surrounding areas.


June 19, 2021 Update

The COVID-19 virus remains a concern for some Iowans. Therefore, in-person (live) AA meetings continue throughout out the Cedar Valley in accordance with with limited restrictions and protocols. And for those still desiring to avoid in-person meetings, some local online Zoom meetings still continue as well.

For a listing of in-person meetings throughout the Cedar Valley and surrounding areas:  Click here for In-Person Meeting Schedules & Locations.

Otherwise, please……

Click Here for local ZOOM AA meetings on VIDEO

(schedules, log-in links, meeting ID #’s, & passwords)


Or Click Here for local ZOOM AA meetings by TELEPHONE


The purpose of this blog is to provide daily access to updated AA information during the Coronavirus crisis, and to inform Cedar Valley AA members regarding local online video conference meetings via the ZOOM app as well available online telephone meetings through ZOOM.

This blog is NOT affiliated with Iowa AA Area 24 or District 4: The sole purpose here is to share information on remote (online or phone) meetings. But for updated information on live (in-person) meetings at locations throughout the Cedar Valley and surrounding areas, please visit the Iowa District 4 website at https://www.aa-waterloo.org/

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TO JOIN THE LIVE CEDAR VALLEY AA DISCUSSION,  comment, or post information on this blog/thread, please do so by clicking the comment tab at the bottom of this page or by clicking this shortcut.

TO ADD YOUR ZOOM AA MEETING TO THIS WEBSITE please cut and paste the meeting invite info (date, time, Zoom link, meeting ID & password) into the comment thread of this blog by clicking this shortcut – OR – simply include the following e-mail into your Zoom invitation distribution:  TheToll@protonmail.com

Get Started with ZOOM Here!

For those who are not familiar with ZOOM audio and/or video conferencing, here’s how it works.

If you have an internet/online device with at least audio capabilities, and, preferably, a video camera/feed…. people can go to this website


Or, since smartphones have both audio and video processing, an account can be set up through Google’s Play Store (for Android phones) or Apple’s app store.

Simply download the Zoom app from Google Play or Apple’s App store and set up an account (e-mail, user name, password, etc).  For anonymity purposes, consider using your first name and last initial as your user name.

As meetings are scheduled, they can be posted into the thread of this post (through the comment tab below or this link) along with the “meeting ID” and password. Or, if an e-mail address is provided, this information can be e-mailed as well.  

Then, about five minutes before the meeting starts, just call up the Zoom app on your device, type in the meeting ID and password…. and… voila!  You will see everyone via video feed and they can see you – if you allow your camera to remain on, that is. The meetings can also be attended using audio alone for those that choose not to be seen on the live video feed.

Whoever is hosting the meeting should adjust the settings so the feed is non-recordable and so it is NOT saved in the Cloud.  This means the meeting will remain anonymous. (Attention Current & Potential Zoom Hosts: Please review the suggested guidelines regarding the privacy settings on the Zoom app for purposes of anonymity by clicking here.)

The ZOOM app works great – even on cell phone screens because the AA participants will rotate full screen, but when anyone talks, the screen will remain on them.

If there are any local AA members willing to host Zoom meetings (& follow the suggested guidelines regarding the privacy settings as outlined here), please post the meeting dates, times, the Zoom meeting ID #’s & passwords into the comments of this blog (through the comment tab at the bottom of this page or this link).

As regular schedules and times are added, these will be posted under the “ZOOM Meetings” menu tab at the top of this website’s page.

For those who are not high-tech computer people, please call in through the numbers for the meeting times listed on the TELEPHONE link below:

Please check back often for more information.

In the meantime, when posting into the threads of this website (via the comment tab at the bottom of this page or this link) please do so anonymously by using a moniker or, even better, your first name and last initial only. Leaving an e-mail address is required but only your moniker/name will be seen on the post.

Thank you in advance for your willingness and service!